Acupuncture for Littleton and Highlands Ranch

The practice of acupuncture encompasses both ancient mysticism and scientific fact. Even in ancient China, medical practitioners understood that bodily imbalances lead to illness and pain. Their explanation for this lay in the flow of a spiritual force of life energy, called chi. The chi flowed through the body past specific pressure points known as meridians. If something caused the chi to become blocked at a specific meridian, a physical problem would crop up at a corresponding point in the body. By inserting needles into the correct set of meridians, the practitioners could restore the normal flow of chi.

Where does modern science enter into this ancient art? As it turns out, the nerve signals routed through the human body’s central nervous system correspond to the Chinese system of chi flow. The meridians match up with nerve pathways that can indeed experience signal blockages related to injury, stress or illness. Inserting needles boosts blood flow to the affected area to enhance healing while also releasing the body’s natural painkillers to help you feel like yourself again. (The procedure itself does not usually cause pain apart from the occasional minor discomfort at a meridian point.)

How We Use Acupuncture

How does this practice work hand-in-hand with chiropractic treatment? A chiropractor seeks to restore balance to your body much as an acupuncturist does. The two treatments complement each other perfectly as part of a natural healing regimen, especially when combined with massage or physical therapy. Our facility serves Littleton and Highlands Ranch with all three services as needed, starting with a careful initial consultation and evaulation. If you do need the services of our skilled acupuncturist, the treatment itself only takes about half an hour, making it a fast, convenient way to get your body back in balance and keep it that way over time.

Have you had acupuncture? How did it help?

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