Serenity is at Our Fingertips at Highlands Ranch and Littleton Chiropractor

The very idea of a massage might be enough to send soothing sensations of serenity down your spine. Or perhaps you enjoy a more vigorous technique, or one that pinpoints specific areas of acute tension with the goal of releasing the stress. At County Line Chiropractic, Acupuncture and Massage, we offer various styles and methods of the therapy, which we can use on its own or as part of a wellness and recovery program.

Our Highlands Ranch and Littleton chiropractic clinic has long been using various techniques to alleviate pain and stiffness, relieve stress and anxiety, boost immunity, and lower blood pressure – not to mention help you relax.

Vote for Your Favorite Technique: Swedish, Deep-Tissue, or Trigger Point.

One of the most relaxing forms of this therapy is the Swedish type. This technique can both energize and relax you with lengthy strokes, circular movements, and slow and steady kneading. It also incorporates light tapping and vibration for an invigorating experience.
The deep-tissue type uses even slower motions than its Swedish counterpart. This method is meant to hone in on the deep layers of connective tissue and muscle with forceful and targeted strokes.

In addition to releasing pent-up stress from the deepest layers, it also assists with healing damaged muscles and tissues and is often part of our physical therapy programs.
The trigger point technique also targets specific areas of your body, namely your trigger points. These areas of tightened muscle fibers can be sensitive and painful. They often develop from an injury or overuse of a particular muscle or group. The trigger point technique works out their tightness and stress.

Swedish, deep-tissue and trigger point techniques are just three of the myriad options we provide for this type of therapy. We can asses which method would be most effective for your particular situation, whether you are recovering from an injury, have pent-up stress, or simply need soothing sensations of serenity down your spine.

Which of the three techniques is your overall favorite?

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