Chiropractic Services Relieve Pain and Rehabilitate Injuries
Is chronic pain preventing you from living a full and active life? Has a personal injury, sports injury or car accident left you with back pain or neck pain? Are you struggling to recover from an operation, such as ACL surgery? Whatever the cause of your pain, the chiropractor team at County Line Chiropractic is committed to helping you manage this pain the natural way and recover a full range of motion.

Chiropractor helps patients heal
We do not use invasive surgery or medication to treat pain. We believe that prescription painkillers simply mask the underlying problem, rather than treating it. That’s our job: our chiropractor, Dr. Craig Lewis, is committed to helping patients manage pain through safe, non-invasive treatments that fix the problem, rather than covering it up with medication. Our services include chiropractic alignment, acupuncture, massage therapy and physical therapy.
Back and neck pain are commonly caused by a herniated disc, musculoskeletal misalignment or a strained muscle. Dr. Lewis, uses adjustment and decompression treatments to restore alignment to the body and promote natural healing. These treatments help provide immediate relief from pain, and over time they also correct the underlying structural problem.

Acupuncture and massage therapy are also an important part of our integrated approach to wellness. These traditional healing treatments restore balance to your body. During acupuncture, thin needles are inserted into a pressure point to stimulate nerves, muscles and connective tissues. This stimulation increases blood flow and prompts your body to release natural painkillers that dull pain and boost your immune system, stimulating your body’s natural healing powers. Massage therapy also stimulates your body to heal itself, by increasing the flow of fresh, oxygen-rich blood into deep muscle tissue. Kneading invigorates muscle tissue and also relaxes the body, releasing pent-up tension in the muscles.

Our physical therapy includes corrective exercises to strengthen the body and correct underlying problems with skeletal misalignment, muscles and connective tissues. These exercises help restore balance and flexibility to the body, and also help your body heal faster from injury. By correcting the underlying problem and strengthening the body, we can also help prevent future injuries.

Littleton, Highlands Ranch and Eaglewood patients choose County Line Chiropractic because of our unique approach to whole body wellness. Our services treat the entire body, relieving pain and correcting underling conditions. Depending on your personal injury or source of pain, we may recommend a combination of care from our chiropractor, physiotherapy exercises, acupuncture and massage therapy.

We believe that Littleton and Highlands Ranch patients deserve real solutions to their pain – not just a bevy of prescription painkillers. In fact, studies show that dependence on prescription painkillers for pain relief is dangerous to your health and may harm the recovery process. Current evidenced-based treatment guidelines support the use of conservative care, like chiropractic treatments, as the primary treatment for chronic pain conditions, like back pain.

We are proud to offer Littleton and Highlands Ranch patient proven, non-invasive treatments for pain management and injury recovery. If you suffer from pain, talk to our team today about how our services can help you.