Highlands Ranch Acupuncture Provides Pain Relief the Natural Way
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If you have suffered a personal injury, are a car accident victim, or experience chronic pain, it’s natural to feel frustrated with your impaired range of movement. Daily activities such as walking, going up and down stairs or sitting for long periods can suddenly become difficult, especially when pain strikes without any warning. Unfortunately, typical medical treatments don’t actually ‘treat’ your injury – they simply use medications to cover up your pain. In order for you to recover, your body needs to heal from within. Non-invasive treatments, such as acupuncture, provide pain relief and treat the underlying cause. Our Littleton office offers acupuncture, in connection with chiropractic care, massage therapy and physical therapy, to help Highlands Ranch and Englewood patients lead pain-free lives.

Chiropractic Care and Acupuncture for Highlands Ranch Patients

Acupuncture is a traditional healing art from ancient China. Chinese healers believed that the body was made of a life force, called the qi or chi, which naturally flows through channels in the body. If these channels become blocked, the chi cannot flow, causing an imbalance, which leads to pain, illness and even death. To heal, the obstacles to natural flow must be removed, so the chi can return to a state of harmony.

Ancient healers believed that inserting thin needles into specific pressure points in the body would stimulate the chi to return to a balanced state.

Today, the science behind this treatment proves that the ancient Chinese got the general principles correct. The ancient Chinese pressure points correspond to various organ systems in your body. The act of inserting a thin needle into a pressure point stimulates nerves, muscles and connective tissue. This stimulation increases blood flow and prompts your body to release natural painkillers including neurotransmitters and hormones. These chemicals dull pain, boost your immune system and regulate your body’s functions. This stimulation restores balance to your body’s natural systems – just like the ancient Chinese belief in balancing your chi. Studies show this treatment successfully relieves pain, including from pain from osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia, and also relieves chemotherapy-induced nausea.

Here at County Line Chiropractic in Littleton, we begin your first treatment with an initial consultation. Our acupuncturist will discuss your physical sources of pain, lifestyle and treatment goals. Using this information, our acupuncturist will create an individualized treatment plan to relieve pain and promote healing. Each treatment session lasts for approximately 30 minutes. Our acupuncturist will carefully insert thin needles into pressure points in your body. The insertion process is completely painless, although you may experience a mild ache when the needle reaches the pressure point. The needles will remain in place for 15 to 30 minutes before they are removed and disposed.

Our certified acupuncturist ensures treatment at our Littleton office is always safe. We first swab the treatment area with an antiseptic, and only use sterile, disposable needles. When administered by a licensed practitioner, there is little risk of bruising or bleeding. Depending on your source of pain or personal injury, we may recommend combining your treatment session with massage therapy, physical therapy or care from our chiropractor.

Our Littleton office is proud to help Highlands Ranch and Englewood patients find relief from pain and lead full, active lives. If you have questions about our treatment options, we invite you to talk to our chiropractor and acupuncturist. We’re always happy to address any concerns you may have so you feel comfortable with your treatment.