County Line Chiropractic and Physical Therapy Treatment
The Littleton chiropractic clinic provides a full range of quality chiropractic care to the surrounding areas, including the Englewood and Highlands Ranch areas. In addition to chiropractic care, our treatment options include acupuncture and massage therapy. We also provide customized physical therapy plans for patients who have been in auto accidents or suffered a personal injury.

Littleton Physical Therapy Services
By definition, physical therapy is a comprehensive treatment method in which injuries or mobility issues are treated. It is used when a patient has trouble moving about in daily activities and performing typical daily tasks, often as the result of a condition or injury. The goal of this type of therapy is to make your daily tasks and activities easier to perform and hopefully to restore complete functionality to an area that is compromised.

Physical therapy is often recommended by our chiropractor, Dr. Lewis, in the event that a patient is suffering from limited mobility or flexibility due to back pain, arthritis issues, injury, illness or diseases such as multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s disease. At our Littleton chiropractic clinic, we can provide patients with this type of treatment by also incorporating chiropractic care techniques that can alleviate pain and swelling and restore functionality. By providing compassionate and competent therapy services, we will successfully treat your problem and have you back to enjoying a full quality of life as soon as possible.

Personal injury or car accident injuries are common reasons for patients to come to our clinic where we serve the Englewood and Highlands Ranch area. Upon your first visit to our clinic for treatment, our chiropractor and staff will work up a personalized treatment plan with you. Our first priority will be to help reduce your pain and swelling, for once you have some pain relief you can focus on getting better and restoring movement. Increasing your strength, flexibility and endurance are part of the plan in physical therapy.

Exercises are typically the core of physical therapy in general as well as the treatment at our clinic. Our knowledgeable staff will work with you to help you learn to perform these exercises so you can supplement your treatment appointments at home. The typical exercises include weight lifting, stretching and walking, which will all work to build up your strength, flexibility and endurance. Treatment is not typically painful but can result in muscle soreness as the body works to return to the level of mobility and functionality it is capable of.

Our Littleton clinic brings quality and effective treatment to those in the surrounding areas, including Englewood and Highlands Ranch. Patients come to us with an injury or illness related mobility issue and our goal is to resolve that issue and restore mobility. By doing this, your quality of life will improve and you can enjoy daily activities with functionality again.
To schedule an appointment or to find out about therapy options, please call us at 303-738-1725.